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The Tough Little Termite - Huckleberry Hound

While waiting for the Sentricon bait system to work its magic, might as well sit back, relax and watch a cartoon about a happy little house, its happy little owner who hasn't a care in the world, no sir not a worry in the world, except one teensy weensy little one.


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This blog is created to share my experience with termite infestation. My home was first detected with termites in the kitchen area, below the kitchen sink where water dripped onto a carton box stored there. Later another spot in the storage room nearby got infested as well. The termite was identified as the Formosan Subterranean Coptotermes genus. I hope this blog will benefit you the reader, with valuable information on termites - the different types out there; their behaviour; how to detect, control and protect your property from damage. Equally important perhaps are lessons learned from my experience with Termite Control Companies and how effective their solutions are.

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